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An ORA Orthopedic Doctor Can Provide You
with Specialized Spinal Care in the Quad Cities

Put chronic back pain behind you by consulting with an orthopedic doctor at ORA Orthopedics. As the Quad Cities’ largest and most comprehensive provider of orthopedic care, our practice has helped countless patients throughout Bettendorf, IA, Moline, IL, Davenport, IA, and neighboring communities find lasting relief from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

If you are living with persistent discomfort from a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica, bone spurs, scoliosis, kyphosis, degenerative disc disease or another spinal problem, you are not alone. Back pain affects individuals of many ages. The spine is tasked with bearing the body’s weight and facilitating motion, which renders it particularly vulnerable to injury and degeneration. That is why ORA Orthopedics provides a full spectrum of diagnostic and treatment services at our Spine Center of Excellence. Here, your concerns will be heard by an orthopedic doctor and a team of nurses with the specialized expertise necessary to accurately diagnose and individually treat your condition, helping you safely return to the activities you enjoy.

Every orthopedic doctor at the ORA Orthopedics Spine Center of Excellence in the Quad Cities takes a conservative approach to treatment that focuses on promoting comfort, mobility and function without surgical intervention, if possible. We do this by practicing the latest advances in non-surgical therapies, such as physical therapy, medications and spinal injections. In the event that your condition does not improve after conservative treatment, your orthopedic doctor will thoroughly explain your surgical options, which may include minimally invasive procedures that require only small incisions and can provide a more streamlined recovery process.

Patients are always the focus at ORA Orthopedics. We encourage open communication between each patient and your orthopedic doctor at every stage of the diagnostic and treatment process. By treating every patient like a member of the ORA family, we reinforce our commitment to your orthopedic care.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic doctor at our practice. We are proud to care for patients of all ages across the Quad Cities.

Success Stories

Daina Lewis

Spine Fusion Restores Strength, Flexibility for QC Yogi
Strength, knowledge and fortitude that likely saved this Moline woman’s yoga career.

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Hector Lareau

Back Pain Relief Without Surgery: ORA Orthopedics Opens New Pain Center of Excellence
Chronic back pain is a burden that millions of Americans live with every day. Just ask Quad City attorney and black belt, Hector Lareau.

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Girl wearing black leather jacket typing on smartphone

Heads up! How to Prevent Pain in Your “Text Neck”
How often do you check your cell phone, your email, or text someone? It’s a habit most of us do numerous times a day, yet Quad City spine physicians are concerned this seemingly innocuous behavior is wreaking havoc on our necks and spinal columns.

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Hillary Karben

Bettendorf Mom Back on Feet Thanks to Back Surgery
A herniated lumbar disk sent Hillary Karben to the ER twice before she consulted with ORA Orthopedics’ spine surgeon, Dr. Myles Luszczyk ... and found relief.

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Kathleen Wheeler

Waltzing Through Life: 79-Year-Old Milan Woman Dances Again
Once suffering from debilitating knee and back pain, "miracle" surgeries let Kathleen Wheeler jitterbug out on the dance floor again. Learn more!

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Mark Ruebling

The Show Goes On! QC Actor and Musician on Stage Following Back Surgery
As the Quad City holiday season gears up for a lively selection of concerts and musicals, one local actor and musician says he’s grateful to be back on stage after suffering debilitating back pain!

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Raphael Iaccarino

Age and Creativity Know No Bounds: QC Artist Overcomes Arthritis to Create Again
QC artist Ralph Iaccarino says "Pain detracts from your ability to concentrate." He should know. Read his story.

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On a Mission to Move: Total Joint and Spine Patient is Fit and Fabulous at 70
Whoever said retirement means slowing down hasn’t met 70-year old Helen Akers of Geneseo. “If I’m not working out at the gym, then I’m on the move, driving to one sporting event after another to cheer on my 10 grandchildren,” she says. “I just love going to their games, so we put a lot of miles in and around the Quad Cities.”

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Morgan Martin COE Homepage Photo

Rocky Soccer Player Kickin’ It After Scoliosis Surgery
Fifteen-year old Morgan Martin, a Rock Island High School sophomore, is looking forward for the chance to play on the Rocks’ JV soccer team this spring. She is gaining strength and standing strong after nearly 5 years of treatment for a deformed spine.

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Andrew Gregory COE Homepage Photo

Minimally Invasive Back Surgery Keeps a QC Warrior on Active Duty
Five military combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan have yet to keep Quad City serviceman, Andrew Gregory, 31, Davenport, from staying strong, thanks in part to two spine surgeries at ORA Orthopedics. “I have made the military my career and a couple of herniated discs were not going to keep me from serving my country,” vows Andrew.

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Her Days Measured in Smiles, Not Pain
Is it possible to feel stronger at age 73 than 43? It is if you’re Ruth Rancod. Her days are now measured in the smiles she receives from her great-grandson, Ryder, not the pain that once forced her to crawl to the bathroom in agony.

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