Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement from Experienced
Orthopedic Surgeons in the Quad Cities

If you are ready to find a lasting solution to your knee pain and immobility, consult with the experts at ORA Orthopedics. ORA performs more total knee replacements than any other orthopedic practice in the region, with over 1,200 total knee replacements performed each year. Recent advancements in joint replacement surgery include more durable implants, less invasive surgical techniques and quicker recovery. Total knee replacement surgery may be an option if conservative treatments have failed to deliver the pain relief you need.

Since 1963, our specialists have provided patient-centered, total-joint care for generations in Bettendorf, IA, Davenport, IA, Moline, IL, and communities throughout our region.

Damage in the knee – the body’s largest and arguably most complex joint – can stem from a variety of factors, including trauma, years of wear and tear, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative conditions. Candidates for joint replacement are patients whose condition has not or cannot be improved by more conservative forms of treatment, such as physical therapy, medication, or joint injections.  In the event that all conservative treatment methods prove ineffective, the skilled surgeons at ORA Orthopedics’ Total Joint Center of Excellence can help.

Total knee replacement is more accurately termed a knee resurfacing, as only the surfaces of the knee are replaced.  The damaged bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with metal and plastic implants, which mimic natural knee motion and function. By utilizing the latest advances in total knee replacement surgery, our surgeons help patients in the Quad Cities regain comfort and mobility with less risk and post-surgical discomfort than ever before.

However, surgery is always considered to be a last resort at ORA Orthopedics. Your ORA doctor may suggest alternative forms of treatment after evaluating your condition and symptoms. If surgery is appropriate, we will carefully outline the benefits and drawbacks of this procedure to help you make an informed decision about your joint health.

To schedule an appointment at ORA Orthopedics and discover more about our advanced approach to total knee replacement, contact us today.

Success Stories

A New Knee Means She Can Ride Elephants and Travel the World!
Moline’s Linda Meadors’ resolution for 2018: “The world is my palette, and my joy is planning and sharing every amazing sight with kindred spirits.” And thanks to ORA Orthopedic's Dr. Peter Rink, she's doing just that.

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Mark Schumacher

Previous Next Retired Police Chief, Champion Shooter On Target after 4 Knee and Wrist Surgeries
Retired Knox County Chief Deputy Sheriff, Mark Schumacher, 66, Port Byron, IL, is a champion target shooter and career gun educator recovering from wrist surgery.

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QC pilot, Michael Nightingale

QC Pilot Soaring after 80-Pound Weight Loss and 2 New Knees
QC pilot, Michael Nightingale, 69, Orion, Illinois, is flying high at the Mt. Joy Airport, Davenport, after losing weight, prior to his successful double knee replacement surgery at ORA Orthopedics.

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Donald France

Successful Knee Replacement for 80-year-old Weight Loss Champ
Davenport's Don France can walk again after 100-lb. weight loss and 2 total knee replacements ... and can even shovel snow!

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Kathleen Wheeler

Waltzing Through Life: 79-Year-Old Milan Woman Dances Again
Once suffering from debilitating knee and back pain, "miracle" surgeries let Kathleen Wheeler jitterbug out on the dance floor again. Learn more!

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QC Professor’s New Knees to Take a 500-Mile Spin on RAGBRAI 2015
St. Ambrose University Journalism professor and former WQAD-TV reporter Alan Sivell, 64, is putting his two new knees through the paces — fulfilling a goal to ride across Iowa in RAGBRAI, July 19-25.

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Tom Hannah COE Homepage Photo

Back in the Saddle After Two New Knees
When it comes to putting on the miles, fewer do more than avid cyclist, Tom Hannah, 64, Davenport. His goal this summer, a good 75 miles a week or about 300 miles a month, biking along the scenic trails and byways of eastern Iowa and western Illinois. Thanks to two total knee replacements, he’s back in the saddle with no more pain, swelling, or limping.

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On a Mission to Move: Total Joint and Spine Patient is Fit and Fabulous at 70
Whoever said retirement means slowing down hasn’t met 70-year old Helen Akers of Geneseo. “If I’m not working out at the gym, then I’m on the move, driving to one sporting event after another to cheer on my 10 grandchildren,” she says. “I just love going to their games, so we put a lot of miles in and around the Quad Cities.”

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Charlie Driscoll COE Homepage Photo

Weightlifting Principal Powers Through All Obstacles
“I like having a goal to achieve, no matter what the obstacles,” declares Charlie Driscoll, 54, Associate Principal at Davenport Central High School. Driscoll, a powerlifter who deadlifted 854 pounds at age 25 and became a world champion at age 50 deadlifting 766 pounds, is certainly no stranger to adversity.

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Dateline South Pole: Total Joint Replacement Patient Kayaks Antarctica
When Lynn Bohlmann, 60, began dreading the pain of getting in and out of her kayak, she knew the time had come to make a decision. “My knee pain was getting in the way of what I wanted to do,” the 60-year-old Davenport woman says. “I asked myself, What do I want to do with the rest of my life? Keep this pain or do something about it?”

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