Specialized Treatment for Achilles Tendon Injuries


ORA Orthopedics offers comprehensive treatment for a variety of Achilles tendon problems, including tendinitis, partial tears, and ruptures. Our orthopedic practice is the largest and most advanced in the Quad Cities, and has served generations of patients since 1963. Our patient-centered service, innovative treatments, and leading-edge technologies are why you can confidently place your trust and orthopedic health in our hands.

The Achilles tendon – the largest tendon in the body – connects the heel bone to the calf muscles and facilitates everyday actions like walking, running, and jumping. Its frequent use renders it highly susceptible to tendinitis, a degenerative condition that causes uncomfortable inflammation and increases the likelihood of Achilles tendon tears and ruptures. Athletes and active individuals are particularly vulnerable to these injuries, although anyone can develop pain, stiffness, or tenderness in the Achilles tendon.

ORA Orthopedics’ team of doctors, nurses, and physical therapists use their diverse expertise and vast resources to help get patients back to the activities they enjoy. We take an approach to Achilles tendon treatment that focuses on repairing the tendon, restoring strength, and maximizing range of motion.  We focus on conservative, non-surgical treatment options first. However, in the event that surgical intervention is necessary to fully restore Achilles tendon function, our highly experienced surgeons will carefully outline your surgical options to help you make an informed decision about your care.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with an experienced ORA doctor. With several locations throughout the Quad Cities and convenient hours, we make it easy to receive the specialized Achilles tendon treatment you need.