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Ankle Sprains and Tears

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Dr. Anthony Chesser, ORA Orthopedics

Ankles keep us standing strong and moving, and an ankle injury can sideline anyone — from athletes to weekend warriors or anyone who takes a misstep that involves a painful roll. ORA Podiatrist, Dr. Anthony Chesser, says a sprain occurs when someone strains the ligaments around the ankle. He says most people sprain their outer ankle and suffer from pain and swelling, usually from a single injury that results in the sprain.

However, ankle tears are different. Dr. Chesser says most people hear an “audible pop” when an ankle tendon is torn. For example, when the Achilles tendon tears at the back of your foot, runners and athletes often report it felt as though someone was kicking their ankle from behind or that they heard a “pop.”

Dr.  Chesser says that if you suffer from ankle pain, cannot put weight on your foot, or notice a deformity in your foot or ankle, it’s time to seek treatment. Torn ligaments can take weeks to heal and require the immobilization of the ankle and foot so that ligaments can recover. Other tears may also require surgery.

Below, listen to Dr. Chesser explain the differences in ankle injuries and effective ways to treat them.