Summer vacation is on the horizon! A relaxing trip to the beach, a quiet picnic in the park, and fun activities like swimming, biking, and climbing are perfect for keeping your family entertained all season long. However, extended daylight and more opportunity for outdoor physical activity can lead to a higher likelihood of fractures and broken bones.

While a fracture or break can put a damper on fun in the sun, your cast does not have to be part of the problem. AquaCast is the cast you can get wet and it is now available at ORA. The comfortable and breathable waterproof padding eliminates the worry of keeping your fiberglass cast dry after a shower, swim, or even after exercising. Do not let a broken bone stop you or your family from enjoying the pool this summer. Download the AquaCast Brochure.


AquaCast is a cast with an innovative padding that contains millions of tiny pores that do not absorb water, but allow water vapor to pass through. Meaning it is a breathable, yet liquid proof lining. The cushion not only provides comfort, but also enables water to drain from the cast for fast drying. Any residual water will evaporate through the lining like water evaporating off a pool deck on a warm day.

Yes, you can wash the inside and outside of your cast. Washing can reduce odors or irritation and improve the overall skin condition of the affected area. Thoroughly flush with clean water after washing.

Most patients report the cast drying in less than 90 minutes. Factors that affect drying time include the air temperature and humidity, as well as your body temperature and activity level. Reduce the drying time by draining any liquid from your cast by tilting it to allow the water to run out.

Yes, you can do all three! If you go swimming, it is actually recommended that you rinse with clean, fresh water to rinse any chlorinated water from your cast. After your swim, allow most of the water to drain from the ends of the cast to reduce your drying time. If you exercise, there will be no issues with perspiring. The material will not be affected by the salts or oils in your body. After sweating, thoroughly flush your cast with clean water. Please note: Avoid swimming in a lake or river with your cast.