Aquatic Therapy Pool Builds Strength and Aids Healing

Aquatic Therapy
St. Ambrose All-American Heptathlete, Cole Connell, continues to run and maintain endurance on the underwater treadmill in ORA’s therapy pool following painful shin injuries that almost sidelined his career.

Patients and athletes recovering from surgery, painful joint conditions, or sports-related injuries can regain strength, maintain endurance, and rehabilitate without pressure on their joints in our HydroWorx Aquatic Therapy Pool.

ORA Orthopedics’ therapy pool provides a buoyant environment to foster healing. Located at our Davenport clinic at Northwest Boulevard & Division, physicians and physical therapists work side-by-side to develop individualized rehabilitation plans for each patient.

The pool features a variable speed underwater treadmill and a video system to monitor gait training for elite athletes or those recovering from joint surgery. The treadmill encourages continued movement that is gentle on joints and beneficial for sports specific activities.

The computer monitoring and video recording system allows viewers to analyze either in real time or in playback mode the progress of treatment. Now the patient and physical therapist can track and validate recovery as well as make adjustments in movement to enhance proper healing.

The pool’s resistance therapy jets also offer a wide range of water speeds and directional options to provide sports performance training, swimming, and deep tissue massage for such conditions as arthritis or other orthopedic conditions and treatments.

Inquire with your physician if you are interested in exploring the therapeutic and training aspects of our therapy pool. A referral is not needed and many insurance plans cover aquatic therapy (but please verify with your health insurance plan).


The therapy pool is located at ORA’s Clinic at Northwest Blvd. and Division, Davenport.


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