ORA PT at Augustana College


ORA Physical Therapy Located at Augustana College Gets an A+

For Augustana students, athletes, the campus and its surrounding Rock Island community, a new choice for PT and rehabilitation at Augustana’s PepsiCo athletic training and fitness center is a grade above traditional PT clinics.

The clinic’s manager, ORA Physical Therapist Andrew Piotter, is a QC native who shares his dedication for sports rehabilitation and performance for every athlete or rehab patient who has a desire to return to what moves them.

“I grew up in the Quad Cities and love taking care of my patients at this outstanding facility,” says Andrew, who affirms his passion for athletics. “I enjoy working with athletes of all abilities. I see all types of post-surgicals, have extensive background in ACL reconstruction rehab, and even see patients post-concussion, to name a few.”

Andrew clarifies “the clinic is not exclusive for Augustana’s collegiate athletes, but also our intention is to be present in the community to treat area high school athletes, weekend warriors and traditional rehab patients as well.


“PepsiCo has all the equipment a therapist could ask for and its convenient location also allows us to collaborate with coaches and trainers to ensure Viking athletes have the best care on-site. We have a unique, close and highly respected relationship with Augustana’s athletic staff, which we feel really benefits our patients and their athletes.

“We make it a point to correspond regularly with ORA’s Augustana Team Physician, Dr. JC Clark and the rest of ORA’s physician and staff team, so it’s a win-win for patients to know they have a dedicated group behind them in their recovery and performance.

“In addition, athletes’ parents often comment how its convenient that rehab is so close and appreciate their kids don’t need to make appointments off-campus. For a Division III University, it’s also a nice recruiting tool from a program or coach’s perspective to offer such accessible and high-quality care here on-site.

“It’s a cool place, it’s just different. Along with traditional PT rehab tools, we also have weights, box jumps, vertimax, BFR and a stim unit for modalities.  It’s like any PT clinic, but perhaps has a unique, more sports-centered vibe.”

All ORA PT patients under Andrew’s supervision have access to the center’s amenities including its first-class weight training room, newly surfaced indoor track, fitness equipment, and use of the outside turf area adjacent to the center.

“Patients love coming here with the goal of getting back to the activities they love as safely and soon as possible.”


To set-up an appointment at this new facility, call (309)797-0866 or (309)757-5073 to get scheduled with Andrew and his team!