Bunion Treatment from Foot Specialists in the Quad Cities


If a painful bunion has left you seeking treatment from a professional, consider visiting ORA Orthopedics. Our state-of-the-art centers provide a full spectrum of orthopedic care to families in Bettendorf, IA, Davenport, IA, Moline, IL, and throughout the Quad Cities. Plus, we have extended hours and offer same- or next-day appointments, so we make it easier than ever before to consult with an experienced orthopedic specialist close to home.

A bunion describes an uncomfortable bony bump that develops on the side of the big toe joint, causing the big toe to point inward slightly. It develops slowly over time, sometimes in both feet, as a result of pressure on the big toe from uncomfortable shoes, a prior injury, arthritis or a genetic predisposition.

Bunions don’t always require treatment, but be sure to visit a doctor if you have:

  • A large, noticeable lump on your toe joint
  • Unrelenting toe or foot pain
  • Trouble finding shoes that fit because of your bunion
  • Difficulty moving your foot or big toe

Comprehensive bunion treatment is available at the ORA Orthopedics Foot & Ankle Center of Excellence in the Quad Cities. Our specialists understand how uncomfortable and embarrassing bunions can be, which is why we provide personalized treatment plans to address bunions as quickly and effectively as possible. Many patients are able to benefit from conservative bunion treatment methods like splinting and taping, but some may require treatment to remove swollen tissue around the toe joint and realign foot bones. In these instances, ORA patients receive outstanding surgical care from board-certified foot surgeons.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to learn more about our approach to bunion treatment or to schedule an appointment with one of our foot specialists. We accept most major health insurance plans, as well as AARP, Medicare and Medicaid.