Digital X-Ray

The physicians at the ORA Orthopedics understand that accurate, timely diagnosis is the first step to recovery. We offer on-site digital x-ray services at every location.  Digital X-ray is a fast and easy way to identify and diagnose bone injuries and disorders.  Safe and effective for both children and adults, our state-of-the-art digital x-ray machines use a very low dose of radiation to take highly detailed images of bones.

Digital imaging allows us to reduce the time it takes to perform an X-ray examination. Images are electronically stored eliminating the need for film. Physicians have immediate access to images from all our offices through a secure web-based server. Digital technology allows viewers to adjust brightness and magnification in a way not possible with traditional film. Multiple physicians can be looking at the same image simultaneously, from different locations, allowing collaboration not possible with traditional X-ray film.

x-ray room x-ray machine