Let’s Move QC on WQAD: Dry Needling Therapy Treats Heel Pain

Heel pain for an inflamed Achilles tendon can affect anyone – from walkers and joggers to those on their feet all day. It’s a condition called Achilles tendonitis, and along with plantar fasciitis, the two conditions can aggravate each other, resulting in chronic heel pain. Heel pain treatments range from ice therapy to injections, yet there’s a treatment called “dry needling” that’s enjoying a resurgence.

Dr. Beau Shay, ORA Orthopedics

ORA Orthopedics Foot Surgeon, Dr. Beau Shay, and ORA Physical Therapist, Meghan Buchanan, say that while dry needling has been around awhile, patients are rediscovering a technique that’s quite different from acupuncture.

On WQAD’s Let’s Move Quad Cities news report, meet a Davenport mother of four, who credits dry needling with her ability to regain her mid-life enjoyment of running, adding mile after mile.

For more information on heel pain and treatments, visit ORA’s Foot and Ankle Center of Excellence.