Herniated Disc Treatment from Orthopedic Specialists in the Quad Cities


For specialized herniated disc treatment, trust the experienced orthopedic doctors at ORA Orthopedics. Generations of patients in Moline, IL, Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA and throughout the Quad Cities have placed their orthopedic health in our hands since 1963.

Most people will experience back pain at least once during their lifetime. Experts at ORA’s Spine Center are specialty trained to provide herniated disc treatment. ORA physicians work together with you to provide one-on-one diagnosis and treatment options for all spinal conditions.

A herniated disc occurs when one of the cushioning discs that sit between each vertebra becomes damaged, allowing the disc’s soft, gel-like center to rupture and irritate nearby components of the spine. Some individuals with this condition may not notice any symptoms, while others experience disruptive pain and nerve compression that can make performing everyday tasks difficult.

When you partner with ORA Orthopedics in the Quad Cities for herniated disc treatment, you will experience customized care from the specialists at our Spine Center of Excellence. ORA’s philosophy of care is a conservative approach that focuses on restoring as much movement and function as possible with the least risk to our patients.

Depending on the extent of your disc injury and symptoms, your ORA doctor may recommend a combination of the following conservative therapies:

  • Medications to provide everyday pain relief and reduce inflammation.
  • Physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support the spine.
  • Epidural and Facet Joint injections to provide longer term pain relief.
  • Corrective braces to avoid strenuous positions and encourage good posture.

Your doctor may also discuss possible lifestyle adjustments that can help relieve herniated disc pain, such as modifying posture, quitting smoking, and losing excess weight. In the event that conservative treatment methods fail to improve more severe symptoms, surgery may be recommended to stabilize the spine or decompress affected nerves. ORA Orthopedics offers the latest advances in minimally invasive and traditional spine surgeries to provide ideal results for our patients with as little risk as possible.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with one of our orthopedic spine doctors, who will be glad to outline our various herniated disc treatment options. Our team is proud to care for patients of all ages throughout the Quad Cities.


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