Hip Arthroscopy Outpatient Options On the Rise


For active people who have hip pain that doesn’t go away, there is no reason to put off a doctor’s visit says ORA Orthopedics Sports Medicine Surgeon, Dr. Andrew Bries.

Listen to Dr. Bries explain the benefits of outpatient hip arthroscopy and what conditions are most treated at ORA’s Crow Valley Surgery Center.

Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows physicians to view the hip joint and also treat some hip conditions that are causing pain. “This particular procedure is appropriate for active people who do not have advanced hip arthritis, but who consistently experience deep pain in the groin that is not getting better on its own,” explains Dr. Bries.   “You may feel pain with difficulty in getting up from a low chair or after long car rides, for example. If the pain is keeping you from performing your activities, it’s time to see a physician.”

Dr. Andrew Bries, ORA Orthopedics
Dr. Andrew Bries, ORA Orthopedics

To perform the procedure, Dr. Bries inserts a camera into joint to see what’s causing the pain.  “The hip is a very tight space where the ball fits snugly into socket. Once I determine the source the pain, to treat it, I must pull the hip out of its socket about one or two centimeters to do the surgery. I can remove loose bodies, repair labrum tears, or reshape the hip so it moves better.”

While hip arthroscopy is not a new procedure, Dr. Bries says what’s changes is better instrumentation to effectively treat hip conditions such as tears or a snapping hip.

“For decades, we’ve used scope to look into the body,  but now we can actually fix tears and get around the tight hip corners without injuring surrounding tissue.”

The surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis thanks to effective anesthetics and nerve block technology. “Patients are able to go home and get moving as soon as possible. To resume high-level athletics, recovery is about 3-6 months.”

For more information on outpatient hip arthroscopy surgery or to watch a video on the procedure visit ORA’s Hip and Knee Center of Excellence or visit Crow Valley Surgery Center.