Keep the Spring in Your Step

ORA Orthopedics Physician’s Assistant, Jim Earel, was interviewed by WQAD-TV as part of their 8 Weeks of Winter Fun series.

As sure as the flowers bloom, spring means more QC residents are walking on area bike paths and trails. But it also means that many enthusiastic walkers and runners inevitably complain of foot and leg pain. ORA Orthopedics Physician Assistant, Jim Earel,who is also a runner himself, says it’s understandable that we want to get outside after the tedium of the treadmill.

Jim advises that while looking forward to a whole summer and fall of walking and running, tempering the enthusiasm by easing into those long distances will help ensure you’ll reach your goals in the long run.

WQAD Sports Reporter Kory Kuffler, is also an avid runner, who asked Jim about how to stay and step and minimize the risk for extreme soreness or injury:

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