Let’s Move QC on WQAD: Overcoming more than growing pains

Growing pains in kids is just a part of adolescence, but in the case of Kewanee, IL 12 year-old, Devyn Davis, her six-inches-in-six-months growth spurt was something more. “You know, growing pains with kids – you give them a little time and think they will heal themselves,” said Devyn’s father, Dustin. “This one, unfortunately, didn’t.”

Dr Mark Stewart, ORA Orthopedics
Dr Mark Stewart, ORA Orthopedics

ORA Orthopedics Surgeon, Dr. Mark Stewart, met with Devyn at Geneseo’s Hammond-Henry hospital and diagnosed her with Sever’s Disease, a disease found only in growing kids. “Sever’s Disease is when the heel portion of the foot becomes inflamed and irritated,” explained Dr. Stewart. “It’s usually a result of overuse or extreme use of the foot and ankle.”

The condition can get so bad that even simple movement, like walking, can become difficult.

Fortunately, Devyn’s situation was treated with rest and an ankle cast.  Check out WQAD’s Let’s Move Quad Cities news report (below), in which reporter Marissa Sulek introduces us to Devyn and her recovery from Sever’s Disease.