Little Patient Warms Her Doctor’s Heart

1 page of a 3-page note from Kaili Le to Dr. Michael Pyevich and his team.


It warms our hearts when we get thank you notes from any patients but when a 6-year old gives you these – all of our hearts burst with joy!!!

Dr. Pyevich and his team at ORA (artist’s rendition)

You can count Kaili Le as a satisfied patient – she even wrote a “thank you” letter (including pictures of Dr. Pyevich and his team)!

Thank you for the help … even though my pins did hurt, it made my arm better! Without you my arm wouldn’t be able to heal. My arm feels so much better now that you guys have healed my broken arm …

Suffice to say, we’re happy we were able to meet you, too, Kaili.

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