Medial Branch Nerve Block Procedures from Pain Management Doctors in the Quad Cities


Certain patients with chronic back pain may be able to benefit from a medial branch nerve block, which involves injecting an anesthetic near one or more of the spine’s facet joints to identify the exact source of an individual’s pain. This procedure is one of several that are performed at ORA Orthopedics – the most comprehensive and advanced provider of musculoskeletal care in the Quad Cities. If back pain is preventing you from living your life to the fullest in Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Moline, IL, or a nearby community, consider visiting with a specialist at our Pain Center of Excellence.

The chief goal of a medial branch block is to locate inflamed or compressed medial branch nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain, which can be difficult to spot with traditional imaging techniques. If a patient experiences noticeable pain relief after a medial branch block, it can be inferred that the injected nerve site is the source of the patient’s discomfort.

The doctors at ORA Orthopedics in the Quad Cities perform medial branch blocks using the latest advances in care. Our specialists use this procedure to determine if a patient may be a candidate for radiofrequency neurotomy (also known as radiofrequency ablation), a highly effective treatment that prevents damaged nerves from sending pain signals to the brain while maintaining normal nerve function.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with a pain medicine specialist on our team, who will be able to determine if a medial branch nerve block procedure is right for you.