Putting Patients First: ORA offers Gold Standard MRI technology for accuracy and comfort


At ORA, we have invested in MRI technology that not only delivers pristine, high quality images for diagnosing orthopedic conditions and injuries, but also ensures our patients undergo the most friendly and comfortable MRI experience possible.

From our MRI technicians to our Siemens’ 1.5T MRI units, patient experience and comfort is paramount.  Our technicians guide you through the exam process to ensure an optimal experience.  The MRI units feature an open design that allows feet-first access into the bore for most scans.  Additionally, each MRI suite has a full window wall that allows warm natural light which creates an open feeling and reduces anxiety.     

At our newest Davenport clinic at Northwest Boulevard and Division, the Siemens Advanto MRI also has a shorter bore which reduces the claustrophobic feeling that some patients experience and is a much quieter unit overall.  

ORA offers the gold standard in MRI imaging at its Bettendorf and Davenport, IA, clinics, as well as its Moline, IL, location.