Maximize Your Golf Swing with ORA Physical Therapy’s Golf Program

While every July Quad City golfers appreciate the world-class talent the John Deere Classic brings home, on any decent day, you’ll find Iowa and Illinois courses filled with players who enjoy their passionate pursuit to lower their handicap and up their game.

Just ask lifelong golfers and ORA Physical Therapists, Nick Jagush and Jake Tegeler who are on a mission to help Quad City players overcome pain, injury, and improve strength for optimum swing mechanics.

“We connect our love for golf with our desire to help clients play their best game,” says Nick. 

Jagush Nick

Nick Jagush, ORA PT

Tegler Jake

Jake Tegeler, ORA PT

In addition to their PT expertise, Nick and Jake are certified in the Titleist Performance Institute, a program to enhance golf performance with swing analysis.

“Using video swing analysis, we can also screen each golfer’s power metrics to determine how hard you are swinging and how far the ball carries. We also identify your physical, motor, or mobility deficiencies to customize a plan for improvement,” adds Jake.

While improvements in strength, flexibility, and balance can certainly improve one’s golf game, those looking to improve ball striking and proper club fitting may benefit from touching base with their local golf professional.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art physical therapy gym facilities provide ample space for us to assess swing and power mechanics in real time.

“We treat patients every day who, either because of previous injury, post-surgery or chronic pain, cannot play golf at their desired level. By using our PT expertise and Titleist training, our mission is for golfers of all ages and abilities to play their best game possible,” affirms Jake.

From occasional duffers to weekend warriors and elite collegiate athletes, there are a myriad of strategies for improving your game.

Nick says a customized plan will include upper and lower body and core exercises, flexibility, and consistent monitoring to mark progress for each client. “The program is designed to improve weak areas so golfers can improve their game, and just as importantly, help prevent future injury.”

The plan is a combination of in-clinic assessment, corrective exercises and both real-time and hybrid monitoring using smartphone technology.

Both say they are excited to bring their passion for the game and their PT knowledge to ensure Quad City golfers can play for a lifetime.

“When you have that common interest, it’s easy to build rapport with our clients. They know we care about getting them back onto the course and in the game.”

If you have a new or chronic golf injury or simply looking to reach a higher level of golfing potential, schedule an appointment with a golfing specialist today at 309-767-0866 or visit qcora.com/physical-therapy. Read more about our golf program.