ORA Takes To The Mound To Prevent Injury

ORA introduces one of the only baseball pitching mound for therapeutic rehabilitation in the Quad Cities. The mound is located at the new Northwest Clinic at Division and Northwest Blvd., Davenport.

The mound is comprised of an elevated platform that simulates field conditions and is positioned at the head of a strip of artificial grass and catcher’s net for pitching. Players, their physicians, and physical therapists use the mound to study body mechanics to ensure players are not only effectively recovering from injury, but also to instruct players on proper form to help avoid future injuries. 

ORA Orthopedic’s Dr. Ryan Dunlay and physical therapist Kyle Merten, DPT explain the potential for damage that can result from overuse and poor form off the pitcher’s mound.

The throwing athlete can have problems with the shoulder and elbow, explains Dr. Dunlay. The torque that a pitcher puts on an overhand throw can create injury and pain. Therapists like Merten are able to break down an athlete’s technique and work out the small inefficiencies and bad habits that can lead to injury.

For a more detailed look, click on the video above.