ORA Team Docs Keep Steamwheelers on the Field


The Quad City Steamwheelers are full steam ahead as their AF2 arena football season gets underway at the QC’s TaxSlayer Center. Throughout the QCs, ORA’s sports medicine physicians support more school and collegiate athletic teams than any other orthopedic practice in the region.

One of the more popular pro sports in the area is the Quad City Steamwheelers. Meet ORA physicians, Dr. Andrew Bries and  Dr. Shawn Wynn, who are standing ready on sidelines to make the medical calls or treat injured players in an exciting sport known for its fast-paced play.


Dr. Andrew Bries, ORA Orthopedics
Dr. Andrew Bries, ORA Orthopedics

Dr. Bries: Zwingle, IA, attended school in Dubuque
Dr. Wynn: Moline, IL, Moline High School

ORA years in practice:
Dr. Bries: 7 years
Dr. Wynn: 11 years

Tell us about your roles on the team. Are the ‘Wheelers looking strong and ready to play?
Dr. Bries:  We basically provide assistance in diagnosing and treating injuries. This ranges from working in patients to our clinic, evaluation of acute injuries on the sidelines and training room of games. We help direct the rehab and perform surgical treatments where needed.

Dr. Wynn:  We are available to the Steamwheelers during practices and games to provide any additional assistance in diagnosing and treating any condition or injuries that occur.

Is there a difference in the type or severity of arena injuries vs. the NFL?
Dr. Bries:  The injuries are very similar to that seen in the NFL but the playing field is so much smaller things happen a lot faster. You also tend to see more skin injuries from the playing surface as well as potential knee sprains.

Dr. Shawn Wynn, ORA Orthopedics
Dr. Shawn Wynn, ORA Orthopedics

Dr. Wynn:  Injury patterns seem to be similar between Arena Football and the NFL. The differences between the two are the size of the playing field, the field surface and the padded boards surrounding the field. Some injuries have been seen when players come into contact with the padded boards, which doesn’t happen in the NFL.

What do you enjoy most about the AF2 games and sport?
Dr. Bries: The fast action and close proximity of the players. I’ve always been a football fan, and this is just another unique way to enjoy the sport.

Dr. Wynn: The speed of the game is much faster in Arena Football. The fans are able to be much closer to the action on the field. The players can interact with the fans much easier in the arena setting.

When you are not at ‘Wheelers games, what activities or sports do you enjoy?
Dr. Bries: I enjoy working out and attending my kids sporting events. I also like to do woodworking projects on the side. I ‘m also a big Hawkeye fan and enjoy attend those sporting events.

Dr. Wynn: I like to fish and play golf. I also am involved in coaching youth sports.

What inspired you to pursue Sports Medicine?
Dr. Bries: I had my own sports injures growing up which got me interested in Orthopedics. I then chose sports medicine because of my fascination regarding shoulder and knee injuries and the arthroscopic treatment of those injuries. I really enjoy putting people back together again. It’s also a lot of fun to be part of the team that helps keeps players on the field.

Dr. Wynn: I, myself, had a knee injury and surgery that opened my eyes to Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. I feel that I can relate to my patients much better having been through an orthopedic injury myself. I also played college basketball and wanted to stay involved with athletics in some way. Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has allowed me to do that.