Understanding why Outpatient Surgery is the Future of Orthopedic Care

Patients at the Crow Valley Surgery Center
Patients at the Crow Valley Surgery Center (CVSC) receive one-on-one personalized care that results in better pain management, quicker recovery, and less expensive treatment than traditional hospitalization.

On our Doc Talks podcast, Quad Cities radio personality, Dan Kennedy, and CVSC Administrative Director,  Meg Wiebel, talk about the growing preference both patients and doctors have for outpatient surgery.

Meg Wiebel
Meg Wiebel, Administrative Director, Crow Valley Surgery Center

“Outpatient surgery is really the future for many orthopedic patients,” says Ms. Wiebel. “We continue to add new procedures including those for total knee and hip joint replacement, sports medicine procedures (such as ACL tears), treatments for carpal and cubital tunnel, as well as spine and other pain procedures.”

Listen in and learn whether you may be a candidate for outpatient surgery at the Crow Valley Surgery Center.