PinPointe FootLaser™

Put nail fungus worries behind you! New Hope for Patients.iStock_000011318481Large

ORA Orthopedics now offers PinPointe FootLaser, the first laser scientifically designed to promote clear nails in patients who suffer from unsightly nail fungus.

The treatment of nail infection can be difficult because the infection is under and inside of the nail. This makes it hard for topical medications to reach and destroy the infection. Oral medication must be taken for months and may not be effective in all patients. There is also the risk of serious side effects from these drugs.  In addition, even after successful treatment, many patients experience re-occurrence of the infection.

What are the Causes of Nail Fungus (or Onychomycosis)?

Nail infections are usually caused by fungi (including yeasts and molds). These fungi can live in the layer of dead skin around your nails, in the space under your nail, and in the nail itself.

How does the PinPointe FootLaser work?PinPointe_footlaser_HR

The PinPointe FootLaser sends invisible laser energy into and through the nail and/or surrounding skin that is absorbed by the pigment in the fungal organisms. When the laser light is absorbed it causes the pigment in the organisms to heat  and this heat damages or kills the fungal organisms.  If all of the fungal organisms are killed, your toenail could grow out normally.

PinPointe FootLaser is clinically proven and typically takes only 30 minutes to perform, all without the harmful side effects of oral medications.

There are no known side effects from the laser treatment.  Most patients only feel warmth from the heat of the laser during treatment.


The Reason to Choose PinPointe FootLaser.

Finally, a treatment without the risks of oral medications and more effective than topical creams. The PinPointe FootLaser offers new hope to patients who suffer from onychomycosis (nail fungus). A single treatment lasts only about 30 minutes, requires no anesthesia and can be performed in the comfort of our ORA Orthopedics’ clinic.

Stop suffering the pain and embarrassment of unsightly nail fungus. PinPointe FootLaser is the easy and convenient treatment that helps turn your discolored and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier looking nails.

Give your feet something to smile about from toe to toe. Treat them to the PinPointe FootLaser and see how exciting it feels to look so good.

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