Relief Options for Common Back Pain

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While many Americans experience low back pain, the causes can vary.

Sanjay Sundar IMG MD
Dr. Sanjay Sundar, ORA Orthopedics

In this podcast, ORA Orthopedics Pain Management Surgeon, Dr. Sanjay Sundar, talks with veteran Quad Cities newscaster, Dan Kennedy. Dr. Sundar explains the differences between sciatica and other causes of back pain as well as effective ways to treat it.

Dr. Sundar says the first step is to determine the actual cause of the low back pain and then prescribe a treatment that will address pinched nerves, weak core abdominal muscles, or chronic back pain. Options include injections, physical therapy, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, or spinal cord stimulation.

For more information and pain relief options for sciatica and low back pain, visit ORA’s Pain Management Center of Excellence.