The Dangers of Holiday Decorating (and Preventing Other Winter Injuries)

person in snow

Michael Pyevich M D
Dr. Michael Pyevich, ORA Orthopedics

Quad City radio legend, Dan Kennedy, speaks with ORA Orthopedics’ Foot & Ankle surgeon, Dr. Michael Pyevich, about how to prevent wintertime injuries in this most recent installment of the “Doc Talks” podcast.

Dan breaks winter hazards into a number of categories, but one most people don’t consider are injuries related to decorating their home for the holidays. Dr. Pyevich reminds listeners that falling off roofs and ladders is a common occurrence in the fall and winter.

Winter presents a number of hazards for seniors, too. Slippery conditions can lead to falls that can, in seniors, result in fractures or other injuries. Seniors are particularly susceptible to injury because their bones are often more brittle than younger adults due to their advanced age and calcium loss (osteoporosis).

Listen to the podcast here: