Happy “Knee” Year!

 Sally Hanson

Surgery Rings in a Season of Simple Gratitude for Sally

For Davenport resident, Sally Hanson, 63, after years of debilitating knee pain, the holiday hustle and bustle on a pain-free knee is a welcome change from hobbling into stores and sitting out on home decorating traditions.

“This Christmas and for the first time since 2016, I’ve been able to hang ornaments without pain and shop for gifts without limping into the stores. I am just grateful for the simple joys of the season and of life,” she reflects.

Peter Rink D O
Dr. Rink, ORA Orthopedics

A former walker, jogger, and kickboxer, arthritic pain in her knee began in 2016. ORA Orthopedics’ Total Joint Surgeon, Dr. Peter Rink, began treating Sally including injections and conservative care. “While her MRI’s showed bone-on-bone wear in her knee, like many patients, she understandably wanted to delay surgery as long as possible, and we always work with our patients to maintain their desired life balance as long as necessary.”

Dr.Rink says many patients understandably put off surgery due to nervousness or fears of missing work but change their minds when the pain becomes limiting. Sally’s case was no different.

“I couldn’t even walk into the store without help. I had to ask myself, ‘Do I really want to live the rest of my life with a cane or using a cart in a store?’ You have to come to a point and time when push comes to shove. Yes, surgery is hard, but the alternative was worse.”

Sally Hanson Nutcrackers
‘Tis the season to deck the halls! Shopping during the holidays and decorating her home with Christmas spirit fills Sally with joy.

Pain kept her from experiencing the joys of the season

Dr. Rink performed outpatient total knee replacement surgery on Sally’s left knee at ORA’s Crow Valley Surgery Center in Davenport. “Her surgery went very well. Her knee has excellent range of motion and function, and she has really been successful in her recovery.”

“Dr. Rink has made such a difference in my quality of life,” says Sally. “He has been patient, understanding, and very good at explaining what was wrong with my knee and how he was going to care for it. I would recommend him to anyone. I am so grateful!”

“She has been a real champion. She has worked hard, followed instructions, and she looks great. And just as importantly, for Sally and other patients, a good sense of humor ensures patients thrive in life, well after surgery. Gratitude is good for your health and well-being.”

Decking the halls without any knee pain

In fact an 80-year Harvard study on aging supports Dr. Rink’s view. The landmark, ongoing study has revealed that finding joy in life is not only healing, but a key component to a longer, better quality of life well into our senior years.

FM Sally Hason Side bar
Sally hangs her favorite ornaments free of pain.

“This whole journey has made me realize how much we can take good health for granted, and when your mobility is limited, it can be demoralizing and frustrating, and that doesn’t aid in healing.

“I am here to tell anyone that if you have the opportunity to get the surgery, just take it. Yes, PT was hard, but I just told myself to ‘Shut up and power through!’

“I don’t know why I waited so long, truly. I cherish the simpler joys of this Christmas like never before, and the ability to move has lifted my spirits.

“It is, indeed, a ‘Happy Knee Year’ for me!”

Cheers, Sally!