Wrist Sprain Treatment

Wrist Sprain Treatment from
Orthopedic Doctors in the Quad Cities

If you suspect you have sustained a wrist sprain and want treatment from trusted orthopedic specialists, turn to ORA Orthopedics – the largest and most advanced provider of hand and wrist care in the Quad Cities. For more than half a century, generations of families in Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, and Moline, IL, have trusted us for personalized and compassionate orthopedic care.

Wrist sprains occur when the ligaments that connect the bones in the wrist joint are stretched or torn. Often, these injuries occur during activity as a result of landing on an outstretched hand or other motions that place excessive pressure on the wrist. Occasional wrist soreness after certain activities can be normal, but be sure to visit a doctor if your wrist is:

  • Swollen
  • Bruised
  • Limited in motion
  • Causing extreme pain that prevents you from functioning as you normally would

Hearing a “popping” noise at the time of the injury may also be a sign of a sprained wrist.

At ORA Orthopedics’ Hand & Wrist Center of Excellence in the Quad Cities, wrist sprain treatment begins with how we treat you. An ORA doctor will address your concerns and perform a careful examination and appropriate diagnostic tests to determine the type and extent of your wrist injury. A treatment plan will be developed to accommodate your specific grade of sprain and active lifestyle. Possible treatments include pain medications, immobilization with a brace or sprint, physical therapy, and in severe cases, surgery.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with a specialist on our team. Learn more about our wrist sprain treatment options and how we can help you return to the activities you enjoy. ORA offers convenient locations throughout the Quad Cities.