Casting Our Patients With Care

Kyle HolmesKyle Holmes, a Central Dewitt, IA, High School Student, didn’t let a football injury get him down. Despite a broken wrist, he played with the Central DeWitt Marching Sabers Pride and attended the annual homecoming dance! How? Thanks to certified orthopedic cast technicians at ORA Orthopedics, Kyle was able to keep his date for all the Homecoming festivities while his wrist injury healed.

At ORA, our cast care team puts our patients first. Each of our clinics and our cast technicians offer convenient and cutting-edge care, so patients can heal and move as quickly and safely as possible.

Our 3M™ Scotchcast™ Plus casting tapes conform well to contours, improving cast fit and appearance, while also being durable, strong, lightweight, and water-resistant. The hardwearing finish prevents skin scratching or snagging of clothes.

ORA’s casts feature:

  • Lightweight materials for easy mobility.
  • Adequate stretching to conform well to contours for a more comfortable, better fitting cast.
  • A porous weave that allows your skin to breathe.

ORA casts not only come in 13 different colors, but also are made of the finest materials to promote healing and provide durability. And, when needed, we also offer a line of Exos waterproof braces for patients as well.

Kyle HolmesFinally, since Kyle is an Iowa State Cyclone fan, we sure understood and abided his wish to wear his Cyclone pride and keep his winning smile all during rehab.

No matter what your team spirit or injury, ORA’s cast care team has you covered.

For more information on ORA casts, care, and tips. Download their printable Cast Care brochure.