Taking Teamwork to a Whole New Level

Front row – left to right: Tiffany Mitton, LPN, Katie Oday, OT, Lindsay Mosenfelder, LPN, Katie Hendrix, RN, Chris Ellis, CST, Back row – left to right: David Grafton (Brother-in-law of Chris Ellis), Michelle McMurray, OT, Cathy Kuehn, RN, Mindy Bradley, CST, Brittany Burgus, DME Supvr, Dr. Tobias Mann, Dr. Justin Munns

Let’s Move Quad Cities celebrates the spirit and determination Quad City area residents take to promote movement and fitness. ORA Orthopedics Cast Tech Mindy Bradley, organized a team run for RAGNAR, a 2-day overnight running event from Chicago to Madison in May.

RAGNAR’S RUN is 200 Miles and Why We Move!

by Mindy Bradley, Cast Tech, ORA Orthopedics

200 miles is a long way to go! Why do this?

ORA Orthopedics’ Dr. Tobias Mann did one of these relays last year with some friends and mentioned doing one with co-workers. A bunch of us thought it sounded like fun!

What is RAGNAR?

RAGNAR is a 200-ish mile relay from city to city.  There are numerous locations and even trail relays across the U.S.  The race we ran was from Chicago to Madison.  The race starts on a Friday and then continues into Saturday where all the teams finish at the destination city.

Does everyone run 200 miles or is it relay?

Yes, it’s a relay.  Teams are typically made up of 12 runners, who alternate running, and each runner runs 3 separate individual legs.  Each leg can average anywhere from 3-8 miles and each runner runs anywhere from 14-20 miles in total.

Do you run all day and all night?

Each team gets an assigned start time and begins at that time.  Then someone from your team is running consistently until your team finishes the next day.  So almost everyone has 1 leg at nighttime!!

How do you talk anyone into participating?

We were all just running for the fun of it.  It wasn’t hard to find enough people; we actually had a lot of people that wanted to be on our team.

Who is on your team and are they all expert runners?

Our team consisted of 12 runners and we had 2 drivers.  Our team included two ORA physicians, Dr. Tobias Mann and Dr. Justin Munns; as well as a variety of medical staff from multiple ORA offices.  We also had two hand therapists and one non-ORA member who wanted to take on the challenge.   

The team was split up into two groups.  Van 1 was the home for runners 1-6 and Van 2 was the home for runners 6-12.  While runners 1-6 were out on the course, they would drop off runners at exchanges and pick up runners as they finished, while van 2 had some down time to eat and rest.  

Then when it was time for runners 7-12 to take over, van 2 would drop off and pick up runners along the course, while van 1 had downtime.  The vans then alternated throughout the race until everyone had completed each of their 3 legs and we had gotten our team from Chicago to Madison. We all crossed the finish line together as a team!

Share your experiences of running the race…

It was a fun and exhausting adventure, for sure.  It was actually raining from about 6 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Saturday, so that made it even more interesting because most of us were running in the dark and the rain!   We were all a little nervous about the nighttime run and weren’t sure what to expect, but it turned out to be one of the neatest parts of the whole race.  There was also very little sleeping over the course of the two days, which makes it even more trying.  

Some people didn’t sleep at all and some got up to about 2 hours of sleep.

How do you all feel at the finish line?  

We were all hot, tired, smelly, sore, and hungry by the time we got to the finish of the race.  Some weren’t so sure about what had just happened, and others were pumped up.  But it was an adventure that no one will forget!