Follow Susan on Her Journey

For those with hip pain, contemplating a hip replacement, or know someone who is, meet ORA’s recovering hip patient, Susan Flansburg, Davenport, IA. Susan shares her 3-month journey from hip pain to surgical recovery in a personal, in-depth 7-blog series that answers many questions you and those you love may have.

Susan Flansburg, 62, Davenport, IA, is a vibrant, active writer, and grandmother who has suffered the pain of osteoarthritis. Her healthy living and regular exercise were not enough to overcome the deterioration and pain in her hip joint.

Susan says that what began as annoying pain she could live with eventually escalated, ending with total hip replacement surgery. Since Susan was an excellent candidate for the outpatient option, she chose to have her surgery at ORA Orthopedics’ Crow Valley Surgery Center.

We understand that patients facing hip replacement surgery have questions. Susan was gracious to allow ORA to follow her journey that began with excruciating pain through full recovery after her hip replacement — just in time for Quad City hikes and walks in the park with her favorite Cocker Spaniel, Bear.

You can start your journey with Susan by clicking here.