At Home for the Holidays with the ORA’s Dr. Winston

Dr. Jonathan Winston reading

Meet Quad City ORA orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Winston, our newest addition to the ORA family. While by day, Dr. Winston treats patients with hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder conditions, his favorite jobs are “Husband and Father.” In our ongoing feature “What Moves Me,” Dr. Winston talks about what he enjoys most during this special and magical time of year.

Years in Practice: 1

Dr. Jonathan WinstonSpecialty: Upper extremity

Hometown: Nanuet, NY

What is your favorite holiday memory growing up? 

I always enjoyed admiring the lights around the neighborhood. My family and I would drive around neighborhoods that were known for their outdoor decorations leading up to the holidays.

Favorite Holiday Movie and/or scene:

“Home alone.” I particularly enjoy the scenes following the quote “This is my house, I have to defend it.” Macaulay Culkin sets innovative traps to make his home secure and burglar-proof.

Favorite Holiday Food:

That’s a tough one for me since I like all food. My grandmother on my father’s side made amazing Kasha which was always a holiday hit. I also enjoy a good turkey and, of course, any dessert my wife makes.

What do you like best about being a father of 2 boys? 

Watching my family grow and learn is a joy and also entertaining.

JP has the ability to string together sentences that are unconventional and creative, and Bennett’s development in his ability to mimic body language and play games such as peek-a-boo is amazing to watch.

After the boys go to bed, my wife and I find ourselves laughing at certain JP and Bennett moments.

Dr. Jonathan Winston with book
ORA surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Winston, and his wife, Liz, read Christmas stories to JP (3) and Bennett (11 mos).

Is the Winston house full of excitement in these days leading up to the big holiday?

We always get excited for the days leading up to the holidays.

We alternate spending time with our respective families on an every other year basis. Spending time with family is always the best part for us.

As your family grows, what memories will you cherish the most?

Cutting down our own Christmas tree, doing our own decorations, eating homemade desserts and delicious food, and being together are the memories I will cherish the most.

What do you like best about practicing medicine? 

I enjoy the patient interactions and being around people. It’s amazing to be able to meet someone and have an impact on their life in a positive way. That’s the best part about my job.

What inspires you most about your patients?

It’s amazing the trust someone has to have in me to properly take care of their musculoskeletal health. That trust motivates me to continue learning and providing the best possible care I can deliver.

What are your hopes for your sons’ futures? 

The simple answer is that they are happy in whatever they do. My wife and I will support them in any way that we can.