The Hussain Family Tradition: Helping Others

Meet the Hussain family of physicians who hail from Moline. Dr. Munawar is an OB/GYN, while two of his sons, Dr. Suleman and Dr. Waqas Hussain, practice at ORA Orthopedics

Meet the Quad City Hussain Family of Physicians

Hometown: Moline, IL

Why did you become a doctor and choose your specialty?
Munawar: I really enjoy working in obstetrics and gynecology because of the unique challenges and rewards. As a young physician coming to America from Pakistan, there was a growing demand for physicians in the field, and the opportunity to keep women, mothers, and babies safe and healthy has given me such a sense of fulfillment. But I like orthopedics too, and it was definitely a close second!

Suleman: Although my dad is an OB-GYN, I chose Orthopedics mainly because I like to work with patients of all different ages, and I like the type of injuries that Orthopedists treat.

Waqas: The orthopedic physicians always seem to have the most fun, and the patients always seem to be happy and grateful for the treatment that orthopedic surgeons can provide. We are in a unique situation where we have the chance to directly and immediately change lives for the better, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to do what I do everyday.

Dr. Munawar, did you raise your sons to be physicians?
My wife and I have always told our children that we don’t care what they do for a living, but who they become as people. Our success as a family isn’t judged by how may doctors there are, but how we treat and can best serve our family, friends, and community. I’m proud of my sons for being honest, kind people, and we are happy that they are happy.

Dr. Waqas Hussain and his son, Humza

Drs. Suleman and Waqas, how did your father inspire you growing up?
Suleman: I became a doctor because of the influence and positive impact my father had on me, his hard work ethic, and dedication to help others, as well as the sacrifices he made — these were all things that I always wanted to emulate. He is professional in every aspect of his life, and those high ideals are what I strive for.

Waqas: My dad is the hardest working person I know, and his sense of work ethic and honesty continue to inspire me. Whether it’s his patient or family, he always puts others first, and this sense of selflessness motivates me every day.

We understand that there are two more sons who will become doctors one day?
Munawar: That’s correct. One son, Haroon, is currently in residency training at the University of Cincinnati in orthopedics, and the youngest, Mohammed, is still in medical school at the University of Chicago. I’m excited for them to have the opportunity to make such a difference in other peoples’ lives.

There must be some running jokes in your family about all the doctors!
Munawar: No jokes, but it always seems like someone’s pager is going off.

Suleman: The biggest joke is when we are all around, if someone asks for “Dr. Hussain,” we all turn our heads!

Why did you all decide to stay and practice in the Quad Cities?

Drs. Suleman (left), Munawar (center) and Was (right) Hussain.

I first came to Cleveland, Ohio, where I did my medical training and had an opportunity to practice in the QCA. As the years have passed, my family and I have been blessed to see this community mature and become part of it just as much as it has become a part of us.

Suleman: We all decided to stay in practice in the QC, mainly because of the fantastic resources the area offers. It is a great place to raise a family, and also, with my parents so close, it provides a special connection between my children and their grandparents. Our family, friends, and support in the QC are something that cannot be matched. This is a great place to live.

Waqas: Living in other parts of the country, you truly appreciate how nice the people in the QCA are. I always have and will consider it to be my home and am excited to share it with my friends and family.

What do you like best about practicing medicine?
The relationship and experiences that I get to develop with my patients. Being a doctor is a unique profession because it allows us to get to know patients and their families and watch them grow over time.

Waqas: The best part of being a doctor is working with people and sharing their problems and their successes. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a smile and knowing that I helped make a difference in keeping someone healthy and happy.

Suleman: The thing I like best is that when I go home at night, I feel satisfied with what I do during the day. I feel that I have tried to the best of my abilities and the satisfaction of working hard and helping the community is something very satisfying in my life.

How do your patients inspire you?
It’s inspiring to see the resilience and perseverance that patients display in the obstacles they overcome. Being sick can be an overwhelming experience, and helping patients through this journey is incredibly rewarding.

Suleman: Patients inspire us every day. They remind us how important family is and also how lucky we are sometimes to have what we have. Patients also provide strength and stoicism when they are in extreme distress and/or in difficult situations, and their strength and encouragement are always inspiring.

Waqas: There are too many ways to count. Seeing patients tackle problems head-on and overcome challenges in orthopedics gives you an appreciation of the courage that everyday people have. It helps make you realize that there’s a little bit of superhero in everyone, regardless of age, size, or shape.