ORA Opens New Clinic in NW Davenport


SAU Athlete Cole Connell
Click on the photo to view a special report from WQAD-TV on SAU Athlete Cole Connell and his work in the new therapy pool at ORA Orthopedic’s NW Davenport Clinic.

ORA’s new clinic, located at Northwest Boulevard and Division, was built so that ORA’s orthopedic physicians and physical therapy team can work together to better treat and supervise each patient’s unique recovery plan — all under one roof.

The location replaces the outdated and cramped Lombard clinic. “We built the new clinic to better serve Quad City patients, especially those in the north and western portions of Scott County,” explains Ken Brockman, CEO.

“Our patients deserve the best diagnostic, orthopedic treatment, and physical therapy resources available in one convenient location — this new clinic accomplishes that.”

Mr. Brockman adds, “The clinic features the latest technology and treatment available and will serve over 4,000 patient visits a month.” Investments include a new MRI and digital radiography equipment that provides enhanced diagnostic capability, spacious casting and exam rooms, and a 10,000-square-foot physical therapy space that not only features the therapy pool and gym, but also a pitching mound for rehabilitating baseball and softball players as well as those athletes who desire to improve their performance.

To enhance the patient experience, the clinic also houses The Atomic Coffee Shop, which will be available for both patients and local patrons alike.