UTHS Sophomore Back on the Court!

Dr. Hussain and Anuar
Dr. Waqas Hussain examines Anuar Salinas’ knee. The UT sophomore suffered a torn meniscus over the summer.

Dr. Waqas Hussain, ORA Orthopedics
Dr. Waqas Hussain, ORA Orthopedics

A torn meniscus couldn’t keep United Township High School sophomore Anuar Salinas benched for long.

Thanks to U.T.’s team doctor, Dr. Waqas Hussain, an orthopedic surgeon at ORA Orthopedics, the JV basketball player was back on the court quickly.

Dr. Hussain used a scope and special procedure during Anuar’s operation.

“We were able to basically remove just the torn part of the cartilage itself, maintaining the rest of it in place,” Dr. Hussain explains. “He got back to playing quickly.”

Much like on the basketball court, it took teamwork between doctor and patient.

“Every question I had, he answered,” Salinas said. “He was a really good doctor.”

Dr. Hussain says he feels good about helping.

“That’s really the reason why you go into medicine. You want to try to help people get better. Help them get back to things that are important to them.”

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