ORA Orthopedics Welcomes Dr. Jonathan Winston

Dr. Jonathan Winston
Dr. Jonathan Winston

Dr. Jonathan Winston specializes in hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder conditions, surgeries and treatments. Dr. Winston helps ORA to expand its Hand and Elbow Center of Excellence and is seeing patients at our Bettendorf and Davenport clinics.

We asked Dr. Winston about what inspired him to become an orthopedic surgeon, here were some of his answers:

Meet ORA Orthopedics Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Winston

Name: Jonathan Winston

Years in Practice: 2017 – Present

Specialty: Hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder conditions, surgeries and treatments.

Hometown:  Nanuet, NY

Favorite Quote? “It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family.” – Phillip Green

Favorite Book or Movie?  “Grit” by Angela Duckworth – I find the studies regarding predictors of success interesting – one of the biggest take-aways from this book (for me) is that everyone is in control of their own destiny – Grit and perseverance can be achieved by any and everyone.

How Do You Like To Spend Your Weekends? With family, friends, doing home improvement projects and trying new recipes.

What Are Your Interests/Activities? Home improvement, sports, woodworking and cooking

Name One Person You Would Like To Meet And Why?  Derek Jeter – growing up in NY I also grew up a Yankees Fan – his drive, grit, and determination to succeed and put 100% of himself into everyday is inspiring.  

Where Would You Most Like To Travel, But Never Been? Ireland

What Made You Decide To Become A Doctor?  I love to help patients improve their quality of life by enhancing function and reducing pain. To know that I have made a meaningful difference in someone else’s life is what motivates me on a daily basis. Musculoskeletal conditions can change a person’s outlook on life, change their personality, affect relationships and interfere with work. Restoring that person’s quality of life is truly a privilege.  

What Do You Like Most About Practicing Medicine? To have a patient’s quality of life restored is the best thanks I can receive. It is truly a privilege to be trusted to provide this service.  

If There Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish Your Patients Would Take To Heart, What Would It Be? In medicine there are often multiple treatment paths to accomplish a goal. By understanding each of them you will be empowered to make the best decision for you!