Distal Radius Fracture Treatment

Distal Radius Fracture Treatment from
Orthopedic Doctors in the Quad Cities

If you need treatment for a distal radius fracture, also known as a broken wrist, turn to ORA Orthopedics. Our practice has faithfully served generations of families in Davenport, IA, Bettendorf, IA, Moline, IL, and surrounding communities since 1963. With multiple locations throughout the Quad Cities, extended hours and same or next-day appointments, we make it convenient for you to receive prompt care from our experienced orthopedic specialists.

The radius is the largest bone in the forearm. When the end of the radius near the wrist breaks, it is known as a distal radius fracture. While the average person may not be familiar with this term, distal radius fractures are not rare – in fact, the radius is the most frequently broken bone in the arm. Most of these injuries occur as a result of falling on an outstretched hand or motor vehicle accidents.

If you suspect you may have a broken wrist, consult with an orthopedic specialist at ORA Orthopedics in the Quad Cities. Your ORA doctor will perform a careful examination of your wrist, use digital X-ray imaging to confirm a diagnosis, and suggest the best course of treatment to accommodate your specific needs. There are several forms of treatment that may be recommended according to the extent and angle of the fracture, but many care plans include a combination of:

  • A splint or cast to restrict motion and encourage proper healing
  • Medications to reduce pain
  • Physical therapy to restore range of motion after the cast or splint is removed

In cases where the fracture is unstable, has damaged surrounding ligaments, or has produced loose bone fragments, surgery may be the most effective form of treatment. The ORA Orthopedics team includes experienced hand surgeons who practice the latest advances in surgical care to minimize incisions and post-operative discomfort.

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