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Ganglion Cyst Treatment from
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Ganglion cyst treatment is provided at ORA Orthopedics – the largest and most advanced orthopedic practice in the Quad Cities. For more than 50 years, generations of families in Moline, IL, Bettendorf, IA, Davenport, IA, and surrounding communities have placed their orthopedic health in our hands. ORA provides patients a high level of personalized care — from diagnosis through recovery, helping ensure they can return to the activities they enjoy as safely and quickly as possible.

A ganglion cyst is a noncancerous, jelly-like lump that may develop underneath the skin of the wrist or hand. This cyst may cause pain if it compresses a nearby nerve, or it may interfere with joint function if it is large or located near the joint.  Researchers still are not sure what exactly causes ganglion cysts, but certain risk factors have been identified that may increase the likelihood of developing a cyst including those who are:

  • Female between the ages of 20 and 40 (although they can occur in anyone)
  • Have a history of joint and tendon injuries in a hand or wrist
  • Have osteoarthritis in the finger joints

If you are diagnosed with a ganglion cyst, your ORA doctor will listen to your concerns and suggest treatment options that are appropriate for your unique needs. Depending on the size and location of the cyst – as well as what symptoms you are experiencing – treatments may include bracing, simple aspiration procedures, or minimally invasive hand or wrist surgery to remove the cyst.

To learn more about ORA Orthopedics’ approach to ganglion cyst treatment, contact us today. One of our friendly associates will be happy to schedule you an appointment with a specialist at our Hand & Wrist Center of Excellence.

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