Plantar Fasciitis Treatment at ORA Orthopedics in the Quad Cities


If you are experiencing symptoms of plantar fasciitis, comprehensive treatment from our foot specialists is available at ORA Orthopedics. As the largest and most advanced orthopedic practice in the Quad Cities, ORA Orthopedics offers the greatest choices in care to children and adults with a wide array of musculoskeletal conditions, including plantar fasciitis and other uncomfortable or painful foot problems.

Plantar fasciitis occurs when the foot’s plantar fascia – a strong band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot – becomes inflamed or irritated from overuse or excessive strain. This condition is usually marked by greater foot pain and stiffness after – not during – exercise or extended periods of inactivity. Plantar fasciitis may also cause bone spurs, or small boney growths, to develop on the heel bone.

The experienced doctors and staff at ORA Orthopedics’ Foot and Ankle Center of Excellence are trained in the latest treatment techniques and offer patient-focused care that is second to none in the Quad Cities. In the event that plantar fasciitis is the source of your foot pain, your ORA doctor will outline plantar fasciitis treatment options that will help you get back on your feet and get back to life. Many patients are able to benefit from small changes like improving footwear and avoiding activities that place added strain on the feet. Gentle stretching exercises, anti-inflammatory medications, or physical therapy may also be recommended to relieve inflammation and tenderness.

Contact ORA Orthopedics today to schedule an appointment with an ORA foot specialist and learn more about our plantar fasciitis treatment options. Our doctors are proud to provide exceptional orthopedic care to families throughout the Quad Cities.